FitRX® is our signature 60min high intensity training class #nowimpyworkouts. 365 days - different workout daily. Indoors and outdoors. Lean Out protocol. FitRX® is extremely challenging but can be calibrated to each individual’s fitness level. Participants range from 8 to 80 years young. Boys and girls. It comprises:

  • Warm-Up (WU) - Calisthenics (Body Weight)

  • Strength + Conditioning (S+C) - Classic Weight Training (Resistance)

  • Workout of the Day (WOD) - Burst Cardio (HIT not HIIT)

Medical science says combining resistance and cardio keeps you younger for longer.

Body part focus:

  • Monday - Chest + Biceps

  • Tuesday - Shoulders

  • Wednesday - Core

  • Thursday - Back + Triceps

  • Friday - Legs

  • Saturday + Sunday - Total Body

Max 8 pax per class

Book via the ‘Bespoke Fitness’ app. Every hour on the hour (save for breaks)

Water bottle, sweat towel and running shoes mandatory

Burpee penalty for latecomers and no-shows

FitRX® Tribe WhatsApp group

Monthly Swim WOD + Makan