Founded in May 2016 by siblings Tiat Lim and Yan Lin, our vision is to Transform Lives Through Fitness. Real fitness through proper exercise, nutrition and rest.

Our goal is for our members to be injury free all-rounders. Meaning the 4 ‘S’s - Speed, Strength, Stamina and Shape.



21 Media Circle

#01-06 Infinite Studios

Singapore 138562

Tel: +65 6570 2778

Email: enquiries@bespokefitness.fit

Facebook: bespokefitnesssingapore

Instagram: bespokefitness.sg

Open Daily

7am – 8pm Weekdays
8am – 2pm Saturdays & Public Holidays 8am – 11am Sundays




Head-to-toe - we have you covered

  • Natural Ventilation

  • Custom Pull-up Rig: Rings, Bands, Crosscore, TRX, Gravity Boots

  • Lifefitness: Chest/Shoulder, DAP, Lat/Row, AB/AD, Leg Extension/Curls

  • Hammerstrength: Leg press, Seated Calf, GHD

  • Full Cage

  • Barbells: Olympic, Ezy, Tricep, Supra

  • Plates 1.25kg-25kg

  • Dumbbells 1kg-40kg

  • Benches: Incline, Decline, Flat

  • Pulley Grips: Full range, Ab Crunch

  • Lifting Belts

  • Chalk Bucket / Puke Bucket

  • Kettle Bells

  • Bodyfat Measurement Device

  • Cardio: Concept2 Rower, Treadmills, Recumbent Bike, Elliptical

  • Dip Station, Dip Belt

  • Climbing Rope

  • Roman Rings

  • Wall Balls

  • Physio Balls

  • Calf Block

  • Muay Thai Kicking Bags

  • Plyometric Boxes

  • Foam Rollers

  • 800m Running Course

  • Showers: Hot Water, Hairdryer

  • Lockers

  • Hammock

  • Garden



Mon-Fri shuttle buses from one-north MRT station Exit B bus-stop. Free Infinite Studios shuttle and JTC one-north rider (‘B’ bus).

Mon-Sun SBS 191 from opposite Galaxis bus-stop and drop-off at Infinite Studios bus-stop. The staircase leads directly to the gym.

For drivers Infinite Studios has a multi-storey carpark.